HD wireless casting

RM189.00 RM378.00

Computer cooler

RM139.00 RM278.00

Mini vacuum cleaner

RM139.00 RM278.00

Bluetooth headphone

RM179.00 RM319.00

Smart watch

RM179.00 RM328.00

Multifunctional mini steam brush

RM169.00 RM338.00

3-in-1 retractable cable

RM159.00 RM309.00

Bluetooth sports headband

RM139.00 RM229.00

2-in-1 mop and sweeper

RM199.00 RM398.00

Mirror surface Bluetooth speaker

RM149.00 RM249.00

5 ports USB socket

RM139.00 RM278.00

Dust mite collector

RM179.00 RM309.00

Hair clipper for pets

RM169.00 RM309.00

Hook type surveillance camera

RM179.00 RM358.00

Fashionable leather watch

RM169.00 RM319.00

Mini power bank

RM149.00 RM289.00

Children camera

RM159.00 RM309.00

Multifunctional wireless mini keyboard

RM139.00 RM278.00

Professional wireless wifi range extender

RM159.00 RM318.00

Phone holder for live streaming and selfie

RM149.00 RM298.00

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